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Take Control of Your Student Loan Data

Rely on iLink to coordinate file transfers, disbursement of funds and contact with colleges and universities. You gain time and efficiency, without losing security or flexibility.

Let iLink Handle the Details

iLink supports lenders and servicers by providing them with the:

Ability to control their own data flow.

Capability to route files using the school's preferred method.

Timely updates from iLink representatives about school questions or suggestions.

Knowledge that day-to-day customer service needs are being met for schools.

Option to disburse funds using the iLink Centralized Disbursement System (CDS).

Efficient Online Tools

iLinkSBS is a direct-feed website that allows lenders to work efficiently with iLink to view borrower loan information and access reports to assist with iLink Centralized Disbursement System (CDS) reconciliation.

To access the iLinkSBS website, complete the iLinkSBS User Request Form (PDF). iLink will set up your access and email login instructions.

Low Fees Make It Simple

iLink offers an attractive value for its lenders and loan servicers.

  • Flat fee for data routing.
  • Flat fee for iLinkCDS disbursements.
  • Annual fee based on prior fiscal year routing volume.

Contact us to learn more about iLink pricing.

Note: Aspire Resources Inc. will periodically review pricing and reserves the right to change pricing with advance notice to lenders.

iLink CDS disbursement flow routes disbursments and refunds between the schools and lending institutions.
iLink lender disbursement flow routes disbursments and refunds between the schools and lending institutions and disbursement Rosters and Chagne Send files are routed through iLink.