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Trust Us for Information Exchange

Use data routing, online tools and the iLink Centralized Disbursement System (CDS) — all of which are complemented by outstanding customer service — in the combinations you need.

We Are at Your Service

iLink's everyday practices and procedures are guided by accurate and timely support. iLink's School Service Center offers personalized service dedicated to ensuring loan processes run smoothly.

iLink manages all aspects of your private loan data routing and processing needs so you don't have to, allowing you more time to work with students. You gain hours in your week because you can rely on iLink to:

  • Send your files at the time and in the bundling options that work for you.
  • Proficiently answer and follow up on any questions when you call, not hours or days later.
  • Manage failed files.
  • Monitor, research and resolve errors.
  • Contact multiple lenders on your behalf to address and solve loan processing concerns.
  • Provide on-site or webinar training that fits your schedule.
  • Continuously monitor files to ensure data reaches the appropriate destination.

You save more time and effort with:

  • Data exchange within the financial aid management (FAM) system.
  • Flexible file-routing options that enable you to receive incoming files how and when you wish.
  • Aggregation of disbursement roster data.

We Are Data-Routing and Processing Experts

Schools rely on iLink's expertise with data routing and Web-based processing of student loan applications and changes.

Data Routing

iLink's data-routing system effectively manages and exchanges student loan data with most private student loan providers across the country.

iLink works as an efficient hub, moving data between schools and lenders. iLink routes files received from the school to the appropriate lender based on lender setup and also routes files received from lenders to schools.

Choose how you'd like your files bundled. You may select different options for Response Files and Disbursement Files.

  • Pass-thru.
  • Bundle with no late files.
  • Bundle with late files.

You can elect to receive an email notification when files are sent to you.

Web-Based Processing

iLink's Web-based student loan processing system — iLinkSBS — is used by schools, lenders and loan servicers to certify loans, process change transactions and view reports. Using iLinkSBS, financial aid officers and lender representatives can access appropriate:

  • Loan detail and history.
  • Disbursement rosters.
  • CDS Return of Funds reports.

In addition, financial aid officers can:

  • Generate response reports.
  • Certify loans.
  • Process change transactions on individual loans.
  • Terminate certification requests that will not be processed.

To access the iLinkSBS website, complete the iLinkSBS User Request Form (PDF). iLink will set up your access and email login instructions.

Centralized Disbursement System

As part of the iLink file-routing system, CDS transfers money between schools, lenders and loan servicers.

The system:

  • Consolidates multiple lender disbursements for schools.
  • Disburses funds for lenders at no additional charge to schools.
  • Improves school and lender account reconciliation by providing one deposit and one debit for multiple parties.

To benefit users, CDS also:

  • Expedites delivery and return of loan proceeds.
  • Offers schools a choice to receive disbursements on certain days of the week.
  • Allows different bank accounts for disbursements and return of funds.
  • Provides schools with funds the same day as the CommonLine Disbursement Roster.
  • Provides lenders with funds the same day as the CommonLine Change Send File.
iLink CDS disbursement flow routes disbursments and refunds between the schools and lending institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Reports

Why is the Borrower Self Cert code not populated for all borrowers?

Reports display information that the lender provides. If the lender does not provide the Borrower Self Cert code, the value will be blank.

I received funds from the lender; why is a disbursement listed as canceled in iLinkSBS?

When a change is processed in iLinkSBS, the change automatically updates the view of the loan and sends a CommonLine Change Send file to the lender for processing. If the lender does not process the request before disbursement, you may receive and need to return the funds.

Why is a borrower listed on a Disbursement Roster report when I receive funds via paper check?

When disbursements are sent via paper check, some lenders send an electronic Disbursement Roster for notification of the disbursement. On the Disbursement Roster report, "Check Number" will be displayed if the disbursement is made via paper check. If you don't want to receive electronic files/reports for paper check disbursements, contact the iLink Service Center. iLink will then remove those files from your reports.

What do the different Loan Phase Codes mean?

All codes are found in the Appendix section of the User Manual. To access the User Manual, log in to iLinkSBS and select the link in at the bottom of the screen.

School Certification and Increases

Why are private student loans sent for certification at different stages in the process?

Due to disclosure requirement changes in the Truth in Lending Act on Feb. 14, 2010, lenders have options for implementing new rules. Some lenders send guarantee files once underwriting is complete, while other lenders send guarantee files after all disclosure requirements are complete.

I currently receive paper certifications from a lender. Can I receive those electronically through iLink?

iLink can contact the lender to determine if they will complete the setup and testing process to route their loans through iLink. Call (800) 833-4876 or submit a request on the Contact Us page.

Why are some private student loan increases denied?

Due to Feb. 14, 2010, Truth in Lending Act changes, lenders have the option to either accept a loan amount increase request and send a new disclosure to the borrower or deny the increase and request that borrowers complete a new application for the loan amount difference.

File Notifications

Why do I get so many email notifications each day?

If you have signed up for e-mail notifications, you will receive a notification each time a file is sent to your institution and/or is loaded into the Web-based systems. Email notifications can be managed by:

  • Bundling files to receive an email once each day. You may also select different bundle options for disbursement rosters and response files.
  • Turning off email notifications.

Can I receive email notifications for disbursement rosters but not response files?

Yes. You may choose to receive different types of email notifications to fit your processing needs.