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Schools rely on iLink's expertise with data routing and Web-based processing of student loan applications and changes.

Data Routing

iLink's data-routing system effectively manages and exchanges student loan data with many private student loan providers across the country.

iLink works as an efficient hub, moving data between schools and lenders. iLink routes files received from the school to the appropriate lender based on lender setup and also routes files received from lenders to schools.

Choose how you'd like your files bundled. You may select different options for Response Files and Disbursement Files.

  • Pass-thru.
  • Bundle with no late files.
  • Bundle with late files.

You can elect to receive an email notification when files are sent.

Web-Based Processing

iLink's Web-based student loan application processing system — iLinkSBS — is used by schools, lenders and loan servicers to certify loans, process change transactions and view reports. Using iLinkSBS, financial aid officers and lender representatives can access appropriate:

  • Loan detail and history.
  • Disbursement rosters.
  • CDS Return of Funds report

In addition, financial aid officers can:

  • Generate response reports.
  • Certify loans from certification request files.
  • Process change transactions on individual loans.
  • Terminate certification requests that will not be processed.

To access the iLinkSBS website, complete the iLinkSBS User Request Form (PDF). iLink will set up your access and email login instructions.

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